Info's anderer Hochschulen

MIT Computer Architecture Group Home Page
computer architecture page and ECE 752 - Advanced Computer Architecture , University of Wisconsin-Madison
computer architecture course, Stanford University

Info's der Hersteller, z.B. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Compaq Digital Equipment Corporation, Inc. Hewlett Packard International Business Machines Intel Coporation, Inc. Silicon Graphics, Inc. SUN Corporation, Inc. Texas Instruments, Inc.

Info's Dritter, z.B.

Tasty bits from the technological front Newsletter: Internet and Security
Heise news ticker Meldungen der c't etc.
c't hotline-Datenbank c't-hotline Meldungen
ZDNet benchmark suite hardware benchmarks, etc.
PC mechanic hardware, installation, downloads
PC Guide hardware Führer
hardware links links to hardware related info
Nickles PC report hardware tuning
USB home page USB faqs etc.
Spumador's hardware page test, diagnosis, tech info, free soft
Tom's hardware guide hardware hardware optimization
Electronics Links Page links for hardware developers
The computer hardware performance site hardware tips, benchmarks
PC Mechanic hardware installation hardware specifications, peripherals
Logical Compmag news, test, guide
Aad Offermans Chip List (co-) processors
CPU Central x86 CPUs
Sandpile org technical informations on x86 processors
AlternativeCPU com infos also on non Intel processors, upgrading
CPU Info Center Berkeley: processor infos
Great Microprocessors entertaining Past and Present with many links
top500 aktuelle Liste der Welt-weit 500 leistungsfähigsten Rechner-Systeme

Multi-processing, Parallelisierung, z.B.

Thema Autor/Firma
A Multiprocessing Primer
SMP on a shoe-string budget s.a. lokal
Rolle des Betriebssystmes
Recent Super Computers

Mehr-Prozessor-Systemen, z.B.

Maschine Hersteller
Connection Machine Thinking Machines
Cray Cray Inc bzw. SGI Inc
Delta oder Paragon Intel
GC Parsytec mit software-Unterstützung von genias
KSR1 Kendall Square Research
MP-1216 Maspar
nCube/ten nCube
Symmetry Sequent
SPP1000 Convex
Manna, SUPRENUM oder Cenju-3 GMD
VPP500 Fujitsu

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